About Orsto Watches

Desirable, Unique, Luxurious & Reliable.


Every ORSTO™ Watch model is unique and designed from scratch in Great Britain by us and then assembled in Switzerland.


Unlike many other brands, we do not create our Watches from ‘parts catalogues’. Every ORSTO™ watch model is made from hundreds of micro machined and hand made parts.


MORE than just a useful device … ORSTO™ Watches are Works of Art with Unique and Striking Timeless Iconic Styling created by our in-house design experts.

We do it our way.


From our humble beginnings to the world renowned company that we are now, our passion and determination to create timepiece perfection has never wavered.


Initial Design and Development of ORSTO™ Watches is handled at our Houghton Le Spring, UK Head Office.


From the first pencil sketches, to a finished ORSTO™ Watch model, our designers work tirelessly to create Watches with The Perfect Balance between Classicism and Modernity with Timeless Appeal.

Why Swiss Assembly and what does this mean to you ?


GLASS WATCH by ORSTO™ will be assembled in our dedicated assembly facility at Ronda Time Centre in Stabio, Switzerland.


Ronda has an impressive and enviable watch making history which dates way back to 1946.


This heritage combined with our strict quality control demands, compels each of the GLASS WATCH by ORSTO™ watch makers to ensure nothing but the very best quality of assembly.

In addition to the obvious benefits of highly skilled watch makers, there is no doubt that horology aficionados covet Swiss watch making for their choice of wrist watch.


It is undeniable fact that wrist watches that are hand made in Switzerland are far more valuable and desirable on the second hand market, as potential new owners are assured of a Watch Making Expertise and Build Quality second to non.



Designed to be worn.


The precise and innovative engineering of each ORSTO™ Watch, ensures the facilitation of high performance, accuracy, durability and reliability within the most demanding of conditions.


Traditional timepieces for 21st Century living.


“Every ORSTO™ Watch is a British designed, Swiss made timepiece to be proud of”.


All ORSTO™ watch models are assembled at our special dedicated ORSTO™ watch production facility in Switzerland.


Designed like no other Wrist Watch.


Orsto Ltd has a substantial portfolio of intellectual property in horology and wearable technology covering, Patent, Design and copyright.


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You are assured of Quality and Reliability.


Our thorough and structured R&D, Material & Component Sourcing, Design Testing, Quality Control and extremely High Production Standards ensures total integrity of all materials, build quality and Watch functionality, which guarantees every ORSTO™ Watch wearer of exceptional quality and reliability.


“A British designed, Swiss made timepiece to be proud of”.

ORSTO™ Design Testing.

Design Testing is the most important aspect of the design and development process of any new product.


A product can be made to ‘look’ as if it would provide all of the necessary functions required, but, due to design flaws and unsuitable materials, the reality could be that the product does not perform as it should.


We have a structured approach to our testing strategy and production


systems, following ISO/BS/CE/FCC/SGS/United Kingdom and European guidelines.


Our testing strategy includes several important phases, based on risks and quality characteristics, which ensures that accurate results are obtained from a thorough set of suitable testing procedures.


The list below highlights some of the comprehensive design testing procedures that are carried out on each ORSTO™ Watch.

Our comprehensive testing on all Watch models includes:


  • Water Resistance Testing (up to a staggering 100M/ 330 FT depth on all ORSTO™ models).
  • Plating Abrasion, Fineness, Thickness, Corrosion and Adhesion Testing.
  • Casing Wear, Scratching and Impact Testing.
  • Nickel Release Testing.
  • Magnetic Resistance Testing.
  • Shock and Vibration Testing.


  • Artificial Perspiration Testing.
  • Movement Time Accuracy Testing.
  • Adhesive and Gasket Testing.
  • Wrist Strap Abrasion, Wear, Tension, Torsion, Perspiration (Sweat), Humidity, Water Resistance, Salt Water, and UV Rays Testing.
  • Band Traction and Torsion Testing.
  • Package Moisture Testing.

ORSTO™ Quality Assurance.

Quality Assurance (Product Quality Control) is the main pillar of Orsto Ltd development plans and policies.


We understand that there should never be a compromise on quality control of the products being produced.


The popularity of ORSTO™ products can only enhance, if consistent quality is provided to the end user.


We perform quality inspections during all stages/steps of the watch manufacturing process.


Our thorough Production Quality Assurance systems IQC, IPQC, FQC are integrated and monitored with each stage/step requiring joint approval at our component manufacturers and our Houghton Le Spring, UK Head Office.


This ensures a reliable consistency of product quality, enhancing the confidence in our products from new and existing customers and maintaining ORSTO™ brand loyalty.


What does ORSTO™ Mean ?





O.R.S.T.O. is the method by which a human operator interacts with the hardware and software of a mechanical or electronic device and the resultant function/s performed by the device. (O.R.S.T.O. System was the created in 1985 during the infancy of computer controlled machines, by world renowned and respected design engineer and Orsto Ltd CEO Paul Gill, to simplify and make easier the interaction between machine and operator).


O  OPTION = The user selects from pre-defined options, the function that he/she would like O.R.S.T.O to perform.


R  REACTIVE = O.R.S.T.O reacts to this request and converts it into a language that the system can understand.


S  SYSTEM = The System, on receiving this information, chooses the combination of technologies required to perform the requested    function.


T TECHNOLOGY = The technologies chosen by the system, work together to perform the function requested.


O  OUTPUT = The function is performed.


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