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ORSTO™ Warranty.


ORSTO™ Watches have 5 years Warranty (starting at the purchase date).


See full terms and Conditions HERE.


Care of your ORSTO™ Watch.


ORSTO™ Ltd manufacture watches of the finest quality with superior machining, the highest quality of materials and carefully engineered designs to ensure that each watch will endure decades of reliable service.


However, just like a high performance prestige car, ORSTO™ Watches also need to be periodically serviced and any repairs carried out to the highest standards.


Important care notes:


Always use the service of an approved ORSTO™ Watch engineer to replace the batteries on your ORSTO™ watch, who will also replace the seals and carry out a water resistance test, after the watch base has been screwed in place and handing the watch back to you.


Do not exceed water depth pressure of 100 metres / 330 ft.


Do not exceed magnetic field strengths of 4800 A/m or 60 Oe (ISO 764 Horology).


Do not expose to chemicals. If this does happen wash immediately with a damp cloth.


Do not exceed a free-fall drop greater than 1 metre onto a hard surface. (3 kg hammer with an impact velocity of 4.43 m/s.) (ISO 1413 Horology).


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